What's grease?

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Q.What kind of image does grease have?

Grease is a semisolid substance like hand cream, mayonnaise or yogurt.
There are various kinds of grease, from hard to soft varieties.

Q.What is grease made from?

Grease consists of three elements: Base Oil, which represent the main component to provide lubrication; Thickener, which solidify the Base Oil; and additives, which enhance the grease's performance.

Q.What are the important points when selecting grease?

The most suitable grease is chosen by combining the three components – Base Oil, Thickener, and additives – in ways suitable for the target use and the environment.

Q.What should we pay attention to when using grease?

Please focus on the points listed below when using grease.

  • Avoid mixing it with foreign substances.
  • Do not use it at temperatures higher than the designated range.
  • Avoid mixing air bubbles into it.
  • Avoid mixing different kinds of grease.

This page provided basic knowledge about grease and explained important points when selecting grease and matters to note when using it.