Enthusiasm for manufacturing

NIPPECO makes united efforts to support customers in manufacturing

Our team's passion for the manufacturing industry ensures that NIPPECO's grease supports customers every step of the way, from development to production to use.
Here, we introduce team members from each part of the Company, focusing on the enthusiasm they exude for manufacturing and technology.


Supporting manufacturers with optimal proposals

Ordinary sales personnel have an image of simply selling things, but NIPPECO's sales team is different. It's their firm bond with manufacturing that distinguishes them. Our Company produces a wide range of grease products (industrial lubricants) from general-purpose to high-value-added (high-function) products and delivers products to customers in such diverse sectors as automotive components, plant equipment, and industrial and construction machinery.

SalesOur sales team plays the key role of connecting customers with NIPPECO.

In addition to serving our existing customers, our sales team is constantly demonstrating the features and benefits of NIPPECO's products to potential customers, too. We understand that every customer has its own unique challenges, and take these into account when proposing solutions to their problems when it comes to industrial lubricants. We just think harder about what benefits NIPPECO's greases can offer to save time, money and ultimately make better products.
What is more, our sales team understands the value of intimately familiarizing themselves with customers' products and equipment. Needless to say, this is crucial for creating products that help to solve problems because it ensures they can share such information with the Technical and Production Departments. The end result?

Optimal grease products.

So, our sales team is the critical link connecting customers with NIPPECO's manufacturing operations.

Finally, there is a saying that "good oils are not always suitable ones; suitable oils are good ones." This means high-performance grease is not necessarily the optimal one, and that grease that is optimal to customers is the best one for them.
This basic philosophy guides each and every member of the NIPPECO team. We view it as the starting point of manufacture and keep it front of mind every day in everything we do.


TechnologyI understood that new products are created by developers' spirit of inquiry and unwavering efforts. Is that right?

Attraction of lubricant development and R&D from the customer's perspective

The greatest attraction of product development is to bring new products of one's own developing into the world. Lubricants are almost invisible in daily life; yet they you can find them anywhere there is a need to combat friction. Think of grease as an indispensable functional material for automobiles as well as precision, industrial, and other sorts of machinery. Since lubricants are applied to an infinite variety of purposes and mechanisms, our developers aim to make optimal use of technical knowledge (such as chemistry, electricity and machinery) to collaborate with customers through trial and error to create products to satisfy their needs. Because product development, including evaluations using actual machines, sometimes takes over five years, our technical experts must have the spirit of inquiry and the virtue of patience in equal measure.
So it is particularly rewarding to hear words of appreciation from customers and gain their trust when prototypes developed with great care reach commercialization, not to mention the sense of achievement.
In addition, we understand the value of properly recognizing our technical team's inventiveness and innovations. This includes but is not limited to opportunities to obtain patents, gain official commendation from the Company, make presentations at academic conferences, and contribute articles to journals.
The Technical Department forms the bedrock of NIPPECO's brand appeal while taking on new challenges each and every day.

Quality Assuarance

Quality AssuaranceQuality control supports manufacturing, doesn't it?

Manufacturing as seen from the viewpoint of quality

To put it simply, quality assurance refers to ensuring, confirming, and demonstrating that manufactured products meet customer needs. If a defect arises, we act right away to prevent it from recurring, and find ways to make existing products even better. Let us look at one example of quality assurance in actual operations: (1) test manufactured products to judge whether they meet customer requests; (2) monitor the quality of products and, if abnormalities occur, take necessary measures early to eliminate them; and (3) check from various angles such as quality, manufacturing methods, raw materials, and compliance with laws and regulations as to ensure that newly developed products meet customer requests.
This is only one example of quality assurance, but through these duties, quality control to think how we can prevent nonconforming products, devise specific plans, and then put them into action is the principal duty.
What is more, our quality assurance team engages in a wide range of duties such as managing chemical substances, checking compliance with Japanese and overseas law, and issuing all the necessary documents.
All these tasks together enhance the quality of products we manufacture, which in turn favorably affects products we will develop in future. While just a brief glance at these tasks alone may not shed much light on manufacturing because the quality assurance team does not itself manufacture products, looking from the viewpoint of maintaining and improving product quality, you can say that the quality assurance team is in fact deeply involved in manufacturing. This is the underlying value that the Quality Assurance Department provides, and it's a job worth doing well.


ProductionI was impressed by the phrase "Frontline of manufacturing."

Manufacturing high-quality, stable grease

Our manufacturing team manufactures grease products. These products are used in all sectors and places, and their applications vary enormously. The grease manufacturing site is the frontline of manufacturing, and our team delivers the products to the world with a dual sense of pride and responsibility. NIPECCO's manufacturing team constantly strives to make a stable supply and wide variety of high-quality grease products every day.


LogisticsI understand that NIPPECO aims to satisfy customers from the perspective of distribution, too.

Stable supply from the perspective of distribution

The business purchasing team manages distribution at NIPPECO.
It is no secret that the business environment in the manufacturing industry is undergoing major changes. Previously, the industry enjoyed a manufacturer-led golden era when just making products meant they would sell. But today, the market is shifting to a customer-oriented one. The challenge for manufacturers is to swiftly make products that meet diversifying customer needs and deliver them to customers on time.
To meet this challenge, it is becoming ever more important to review suppliers from a global perspective and enhance the competitiveness of products through dealings with more competitive suppliers.
The business purchasing team strives to maintain and continuously bolster the supply chain (all processes from procuring raw materials to manufacturing, inventory control, sales, and delivery).
This team's purpose is to enhance both the competitiveness of NIPPECO's products and customer satisfaction by strengthening and optimizing the supply chain.

Overseas Affiliates

Overseas AffiliatesNIPECCO's high-quality grease products are used worldwide, aren’t they?

NIPPECO's grease, flowing out into the world

Our mission is to not only supply products to key industries in Japan but also supply stable, high-quality products to overseas markets as globalization progresses, and we are working hard to fulfill this mission.
In addition to languages, the difference between domestic and overseas customers lies in cultures, customs, and so forth.
In some areas, uses and user environments differ from those in Japan, and as in Japan, NIPPECO endeavors to meet the needs of customers at their level when it comes to making proposals to meet their needs. In doing so, we strive to maintain a sense of cooperation among the development, manufacturing, and quality systems in our organization.
When it comes to our core business, our goal is to become a company that customers continue to consider as a "premier partner" across national boundaries, taking advantage of the network we have established and expanded.

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